Pikachu’s heel turn has come! And it’s the best thing ever.

Did you think the pro wrestling hype ended after R. Mika’s reveal about three weeks ago? If you answered yes, you’d best prepare yourself for the hottest new wrestler fresh out of Veridian Forest. 

Pikachu Libre (Masked Pikachu in Japan) has just cut her promo in a new trailer for Pokkén Tournament. Now, a lot of the moves demonstrated were to be expected: Double Team, Thunder Wave, and some tail-based strikes; but surprisingly enough, this diva has some more interesting moves up her sleeve; such as Stone Cold Stunners, German Suplexes, and Moonsaults.

Due to the fact that Pokkén has a very unique fighting system, it’s hard to say what exactly her role will be, but regardless, it’s the hypest thing to come out of Pokémon in a while.   

Pokkén Tournament is set to release worldwide in Spring 2016.

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