Mighty No. 9 Special Demo for Kickstarter backers now live

As I was sitting down from a hard day at work, about to enjoy some Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, when I noticed something. My Mighty No. 9 game had started to download an update, however I was pretty sure that Comcept and crew started that the “Special Demo” would not launch until September 15, 2015. So I waited for the download to complete and fired up the game and sure enough, that “Special Demo” was just downloaded to my PC. So I need what anyone else would do and fired it up to see if it would load.

Looks like it did.


So if you backed Mighty No. 9, you’ll have a nice present waiting for you now, as the “Special Demo” is now live. You’ll notice that your old data is gone, at last mine was anyway. but the nice thing is you get presented to a slicker interface, the intro cut scene and more light shed upon the story of the game. 



mm9-special-demo-1 mm9-special-demo-2 mm9-special-demo-3 mm9-special-demo-4mm9-special-demo-5