Metal Gear Online 3 Launch Date Announced

Today, Konami confirmed when exactly the newest installment of Metal Gear Online will launch.

During TGS 2015, they confirmed a launch date of October 6, 2015 through a newly released demo in a traditional fashion for MGSV, narrated by Sean Eyestone. During the demo video, they go over various features of MGO3, such as character customization, classes, mission types and more, while also doing commentary of a full match of the mission type called “Bounty Hunter.” Also showed off was the ability to play as unique characters, such as Ocelot and Snake, both with their own unique abilities. You can check out the full demo video below.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is awesome, and you can see why in our review. As long as you own a copy of the game (on consoles, still no word for PC release), you can expect to play the new Metal Gear Online on October 6, 2015.