The Latest Street Fighter V Tease, Fresh off the Hype Train

At this point, it is no mystery that Yoshinori Ono has a tendency to vaguely tease new content for Street Fighter V. This time around, we have a new stage to look at. 
From the look of things, what we’re seeing is likely some sort of underground fight club due to the fact that though the building itself looks something like a prison; the presence of spectators and drinks suggest that this is some sort of event rather than some prison brawl (sorry, Cody fans).

As far as the image goes, there is not much to glean. R. Mika is in frame, but it doesn’t make sense that this would be her stage as she is a renowned pro-wrestler, meaning she would likely be billed for a higher-scale venue than this.

As damaging as this may be, there is one extremely exciting direction this could lead based on what is currently known. Ono tends to do these teases less than a week before he reveals the actual news, and since both Ono’s appearance at New York Comic Con and the promised character reveal at Brazil Games Show are eight days away at the very least, the only billed event is EGS Mexico this weekend. The reveal pattern is clear; characters are being revealed at their place of origin. Among the cast there are two of Mexican heritage, Thunder Hawk and El Fuerte; neither of which is overly anticipated. However, there is one character whose stage is based in Mexico who could potentially have a hand in underground fighting due to shadow organization ties. If this is not overt enough, the answer is Urien.

Urien is a veteran fighter from Street Fighter III: Third Strike who has been sorely missed by a loyalist faction of the Street Fighter fanbase, and he was leaked several months ago (though the legitimacy of this leak is still under scrutiny) giving hope to the masses. Could this be overthinking? Certainly. Could the whole reveal just be for a stage or a different returning character? It’s certainly a possibility. But what is life without a little hope?

And if you’re heading out to the 2015 New York Comic Con, Capcom and Street Fighter V will be making an appearance there. Maybe we’ll get to see something new released?

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