Hype for Street Fighter V? Get Gootecks’s new e-guide free!

Do you want to break into the fighting game scene with Street Fighter V? Do you want to understand fighting games at a deeper level? Well, FGC personality Gootecks has you covered.

CPamM6SUYAA2hzyGootecks has been doling out fighting game wisdom for years through his co-hosted webshow The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross and through private training sessions available through Crosscounter.tv, but now his knowledge is available in the form of an e-book on amazon. 

Simplifying Street Fighter is a guide for new players for preparing for Street Fighter V; that being said, it’s important to explain what that means. Beginners does not mean button mashers, it more or less means “competitive” beginners; people who know what buttons do and understand that there are certain ways to conduct one’s self in a fighting game. Furthermore, this guide will be irrelevant in six months when Street Fighter V launches, as it is based in training fundamentals in Street Fighter IV and carrying those skills over to SFV when the time comes.

If this sounds like it’s for you, Simplifying Street Fighter: A New Player’s Guide to Preparing for Street Fighter 5 is available now on Amazon for free for a limited time, and it even includes a free signup for an upcoming audio version that you can use while playing the game itself, so it’s like he’s really there tutoring you!

If this guide ends up helping you, consider paying for the guide when it is no longer free or even signing up for a tutoring session with Gootecks over at Crosscounter. He’s a great guy and has been working hard in the Street Fighter community, so it would be great if we could give a little back.