Gotta Go Fast in the Club! Sonic the Hedgehog Remix LP Now Available

I’ve been a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since I was little, and the music was always the best part of the games for me. With the advent of OCRemix and YouTube, listening to these songs, as well as remixes to said tracks became easier, and I was able to check out different interpretations to some of my favorite tracks.

That being said, I received notice that a friend of mine was working on a club interpretation of one of the Sonic games, and I kept my ear to the streets to check when the album would be released. Rewind to September 17th, and the Sonic the Hedgehog LP by DJ J-Ball is here.

It’s a club interpretation of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game for Sega Genesis, and I must say, I found myself nodding my head to some of the beats, such as the Scrap Brain remix.

It’s available at at J-Ball’s Bandcamp page, with no minimum donation needed. Also, feel free to check out the remix to Green Hill, by clicking the album cover above!

About DJ J-Ball:

DJ J-Ball (Real name: Jamal Myers) was born on March 5th, 1976 in South Jamaica, New York to his parents Lynn Hunter and William Myers. He has been involved in music ever since he was 10 years old. He began as a DJ and making music at the age of 18. After a small stint of living in Baltimore, he learned about Baltimore Club Music and was hooked. His idols are big time club artists like DJ Technics, Debonair Samir, Rod Lee, Blaqstarr, DJ Booman, DJ Tameil, DJ Sega, K.W. Griff, and Say Wut.

He wanted to bring club music to New York and other places but in his own style. He began making his own tracks in 2009 with his first track being a club track to The Microsoft Sound. Expanding his sound, he not only did his own original stuff but he began doing remixes of other artists songs including a remix of Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Breakin’ Dishes by Rihanna.

In late 2013, he decided to take his art to the next level by remixes video game tracks. His first in that series was a remix to the menu theme of NBA Jam. He has become one of the top remixes of video game music in the game. Recently, DJ J-Ball released his 9-track LP remix album of the soundtrack to Sonic The Hedgehog. It continues his style using hard Baltimore club style chants, break beats, and hat patterns. It’s become more of what people like from him. 

You can download the album on his Bandcamp site: or check out every site where his music and DJ sets are located at