First look at the cast of Netlflix’s and Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” series

Netflix and Marvel have opened the flood gates and have provided photos of the main cast from the upcoming Netflix hero series, Jessica Jones. This series will follow the story of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, as progresses from hero to detective and of course everything in-between that time.

Photos released give us our first real look at the characters and the actors that play them with Krysten Ritter as Jessica, Michael Colter as Luke Cage, Rachael Taylor as Trish “Patsy” Walker, who many will know as “Hell Cat”, Carrie Ann Moss as Harper and of course, David Tennant as Kilgrave or the Purle Man…. boo!!!!

The Jessica Jones series will debut on Netflix on November 20, 2015 and if it’s anywhere as good as Dare Devil was, we’re all in for a treat. However, if you’re heading out to the 2015 New York Comic Con event, you’ll get to check out a first look at the series, an entire month before it debuts on Netflix. 

Until then, I suppose these pics will have to do.



Luke ‘Power Man” Cage


Dr. Zebediah Killgrave – The Purple Man


Um Carrie, this isn’t the Matrix.

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    Carlos Abdu

    hmmm…Cage as a bar tender. Interesting. Colt certainly looks the part of Cage, but i think I speak for many when I say I still think Luke Cage should be Terry Crews.