Famitsu leaks Toon Link for Hyrule Warriors Legends

Famitsu, being the gaming magazine powerhouse that it is, has divulged interesting news on the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends. When initially announced, it was revealed that Tetra and The King of Hyrule/Red Dragons from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker would make an appearance in a 3ds port for Hyrule Warriors. Evidently, this is not the extent of the new characters to be offered. Suitably enough, Wind Waker’s version of Link, dubbed “Toon Link” by Super Smash Bros. games, will also become a playable character in Legends.

According to Famitsu, he will be playable in all modes except for “legends” mode (the game’s story mode) and presumably,  he will be able to be transferred to the WiiU version of the game if connected through the 3ds much like Tetra and The King will be. 

Hyrule warriors is strange as it has the hype-building potential of a Zelda game, but the mainstream staying power of a Dynasty Warriors game. With that said, here’s the announcement trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends if you’ve missed it.