Elgato preparing to release a new capture device?

As with all technology, eventually something will come along and replace the current standard, it never fails. It also never fails to happen right after you purchase that same piece of technology, sadly. Cause in point is news that Elgato is prepping to release a new capture device. Hinted over that Facebook page, Elgato posted the message “Bigger, Better, Faster, Strong. T-1 day #ElgatoNext”, along with the following image.


So it looks like we may end up with a new capture device that looks to improve on the already successful HD60. Here’s to hope that this new device has a capture function similar to other devices and will not require the use of a computer to capture video, which is and has been my most desired function with the HD60. 

Damn it Elgato, I just picked up the HD60 after finally getting rid of my previous capture device! ARGH!

Looks like we won’t have to wait long for the announcement either. Right on the heels of the 2015 Tokyo Game show.

Keep your eyes posted to @Elgato for more info as it becomes available.