Dragon Quest Heroes Gets “Royal Overview”

Did you enjoy Hyrule Warriors last year on the Wii U? Are you a fan of other big Japanese franchises, perhaps Dragon Quest? If you have not been following the latest spin-off of the beloved JRPG franchise, this video is for you:

Admittedly, it’s a bit over the top. However, there is a lot of awesome gameplay footage packed in there that is getting me pumped for this title, due out on October 13th here in North America and on the 16th in Europe. I had never been a fan of the Omega Force hack and slash style of gaming. Dynasty Warriors titles always had a habit of losing me after a single play session. But Hyrule Warriors, which fused that style of gameplay with the beloved characters and settings of the Legend of Zelda franchise, kept me playing for far longer than I ever expected. I’m hoping that Omega Force can recapture that magic utilizing the Dragon Quest brand.

Dragon Quest Heroes has already seen success in Japan (not too surprising). According to VGChartz, the game has sold 470,000 units on the PS3 and 340,000 on the PS4. For Square Enix, the Western release this October will act as a barometer to measure interest in the franchise. Should the title succeed here, said series Executive Producer Yuu Miyake at E3, more Dragon Quest games might get localized in the future.  

So, I guess we need to purchase this game if we want to be able buy Dragon Quest XI. Well, I really hope Omega Force delivers.    

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