In the 44th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen JUMP magazine, it was announced that Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are coming together once again to launch a brand new manga called Platinum End.  The manga will run in the JUMP SQ magazine starting with the December issue that will release on November 4, 2015 in Japan, however, Shueisha has announced that they will preview the work in a special feature in the October 5th edition of Weekly Shounen JUMP!

No big details are known about the manga other than a tagline that reads: “This is a story of a human and an angel.” 

Ohba and Obata are a duo made famous by publishing two smash hits in Death Note and Bakuman.  Death Note was published in Weekly Shounen JUMP from 2003-2006 and currently has 30 million prints worldwide.  It also inspired a television anime series running for 37 episodes.  In addition, Death Note has spawned three live-action movies with a fourth one under development, on-stage musicals, a live-action television series, and specials.

Bakuman was serialized in Weekly Shounen JUMP from 2008-2012 and has, currently, over 15 million copies in print.  It also spawned a television anime spanning 75 episodes as well as an up-and-coming live action movie that is set to launch in Japan on October 3, 2015.  Ohba and Obata have also created two prequel chapters to the Bakuman manga and are set to release the second chapter of the two very soon.

VIZ Media owns the North American licenses to both Death Note and Bakuman mangas if you are interested in picking them up for yourself. VIZ also holds the license for the live-action Death Note movies. Media Blasters owns the rights to the Bakuman television anime and has released a portion of the series already.

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