Bootleg New3DS cover plates are here and they’re hilarious!

Since the beginning of time, where there was innovation, there was cheap imitation.  The video game market has never been an exception to this rule. Thanks to many popular Youtube personalities such as: Jontron and Projared, the existence of bootleg video game consoles has been revealed to a larger audience. These consoles can vary greatly as far as their appearance, but often they are similar as far as their game offerings go; they tend to have a random handful of generic and simplistic games that would be better suited as four to ten second experiences in Warioware than “complete” games in their own right.

In that regard, why would anyone consciously and purposely buy one? Sometimes though, I do think that it would be interesting to have one just for the hell of it, kind of like those iphone cases that look like a rotary or flip phone; all for ironic smuggery. Well, it looks like China has us covered on that one. Images have been surfacing of simply bizarre bootleg cover plates from China; boasting branding from other popular electronics companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Apple (or Aple if you will).


What would possess anyone to do this? I cannot say, but if you’re looking for that silly/ironic look, these cover plates might just be for you. Then again, as far as is known, the standard size New3DS will only be available to North America through the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designerbundle, so the point may be moot unless importing is a worthwhile option for you. Either way, these plates are hilarious and if you’re the type to enjoy that kind of humor, it may be worth your while to seek these out. 

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Adriel Rangel

Adriel has been an avid lover of games and anime for near all his life. Hailing from Chicago where he is currently pursuing a degree in game design, he greatly prides himself on using both his gained knowledge from his schooling as well as his life-long experience as a gamer to analyze and express his love for games. As far as Anime goes, he likes all sorts, but loves dramatic action; his favorites being Fist of The North Star and JoJo's Bizarre adventure. Fun Fact: Adriel's favorite genres of games are Fighting games and Shooters, but his love for his reckless playstyle keep him from achieving greatness.