Bombing Busters (PS4) Review

Game Name: Bombing Busters
Platform(s): Playstation 4

Publisher(s): Sanuk Games
Developer(s): Sanuk Games
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Price: $6.99

So what is Bombing Busters?

Bombing Busters is a re-named version of the WiiU and PC title Bombing Bastards (Playstation requested a name change), with a new multiplayer mode added in and trophy support. What most people will immediately notice is that Bombing Busters essentially plays the same as the Bomberman titles. The story is near no-existent, with players taking control of a robot created by a Dr. Gallows, who intends to conquer the galaxy (or something). However, this is one of those games where the gameplay is the portion that sucks you in.


The Gameplay is quite simple. “Simple” as in it’s very easy to learn, but it is definitely hard to master. Just like Bomberman, players are thrown into a square map with obstacles and enemies that they must blow up with bombs. An assortment of powerups such as increased bomb slots, a wider blast radius, and detonated bombs are intended to make the levels easier for players. However, with each map having a 5 minute timer, these powerups can often be your downfall, as I’ve blown myself up more times that I can count by accidentally running into the blast zone of a bomb I’ve placed seconds ago.

The enemies do hide from your bombs, so you have to race against the clock to try and pin them between the terrain. Simply blowing up the obstacles will allow your enemies to run free, at which point it’s a lot harder to wipe them out (unless you have detonation bombs). Each world has 5 stages, which unlocks a boss after completion. These bosses are hard. The creators know this and mercifully, allows for you to skip boss fights after a few fails and allows you to move on to the next world (you can come back to fight the bosses later on).

Graphics are decent, but nothing really to write home about. The visuals are fun and lighthearted, it does its job well for a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The terrain looks clean, and the menu buttons are simple and to the point. It would certainly fit in as a handheld game or mobile app (It’s coming to Playstation Vita which seems like a perfect home for the game).


The soundtrack is nice too. It took me a while to realize why everything sounded so familiar, and then I realized that these were all classical pieces by composers like Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Gioachino Rossini that got electronically remixed by the game’s composer, Samuel SAFA. They’re actually quite good, and it fits the theme of the game quite well. All in all though, the remixed soundtrack served as a reminder to me that this game is essentially a remix of the Bomberman games.

Final Verdict: At $6.99 this is a definite must buy

Bombing Busters is out now on the Playstation Store and as Bombing Bastards on Steam and WiiU.

A review copy of the game was provided by Sanuk Games

The best combo: Cheap and Fun


  • Very fun/challenging gameplay (it can be rage inducing, but I always come back for more)
  • Multiplayer option!
  • Very affordable price
  • vGreat soundtrack (Here’s Samuel SAFA’s SoundCloud)


  • Hitbox seems a bit off sometimes. Every once in a while an enemy or myself will will seem to be out of a blast range, but we end up getting grazed and dying (the maps don’t seem to be on a perfect grid so moving in a direction, doesn’t put you one unit toward whatever direction you moved)
  • Small trophy list (I would have loved to see a more varied one, as opposed to simply beating x and y boss, or completing x amount of missions with 3 stars)v
    • 8/10
      Gameplay - 8/10
    • 6.5/10
      Graphics - 6.5/10
    • 8/10
      Sound - 8/10
    • 9/10
      Value - 9/10
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