Blizzard’s StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void hits PC’s on November 10

Blizzard has just announced via the Facebook page that the upcoming StarCraft expansion, Legacy of the Void, is set for a November 10, 2015 release. With that announcement we’re treated to yet another fantastically animated CGI trailer, which only goes to show you that Blizzard is perhaps the best when it comes to producing heart pounding CGI cinematic.

If you’re new to the StarCraft universe but want to try out this latest expansion, you’re in luck as this si also a standalone title, meaning you don’t have to run out and get the previous two entries for StarCraft II. In addition this chapter adds six new units to command, tournaments, a co-op mode and much more. 

So StarCraft fans, get ready for November 10, it’s about to get a whole lot more chaotic for you!