Assault Android Cactus Launches September 23 for PC. YES!

If there’s one twin-stick shooter that has had me coming back for more, it definitely has to be Witch Beams “Android Assault Cactus“. Sadly the game has been stuck in Early Access for…. wait? It has a release date now? Ahem, ok folks, we’ve waited long enough. We’ve played the beta, played all in and out of Steam Early Access and now it seems that Assault Android Cactus finally has a release date!

Yep, this is 100% legit and the title will launch for the PC on September 23, 2015 for $14.99. However if you’re waiting on the PlayStation 4, PS Vita or Wii U version, those won’t be released until Q1 2016, but hey the PC version will be available… wink wink. If you like / love twin-stick shooters with a touch of bullet hell madness, then Assault Android Cactus may be want the doctor prescribed and if your don’t did prescribe this, I need their number.

Is this the ultimate party game? Well, if hooking up 4 controllers, sitting you and several other humanoid bodies in front of the TV is fun, then heck yes it is!

Check out some of the madness that lay in-store for you, all captured in those handy screenshots!

aac_001 aac_002 aac_003 aac_004 aac_005 aac_008

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