‘Allison Road’ is the PT clone you can be proud of

There is a saying out there, that every cloud has its silver lining. Allison Road sets out to be that silver lining. Even in the wake of the disastrous Konami-Kojima falling out, leading to Konami effectively pulling out of the console business after two horrendous moves, one of which was the cancellation of Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s Silent Hills collaboration, indie developers Lilith created a fan made version of PT, known as Allison Road, complete with all the jump scares and survival horror-y goodness.

Much like P.T, Allison Road is a first person survival horror game, set in a British townhome, with no one home, and no memory of the events leading up to that fateful moment. In order to solve the mystery, you’ll need to piece together all the clues you can in order to save your family. However, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred in this strange case of the paranormal.

Allison Road is now on KickStarter, and as of this posting, the funding is approximately 31% funded, resting comfortably at just over USD$117K with 28 days remaining on the campaign.

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Clinton Bowman-Christie
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