Vogelsap’s multiplayer horror game, The Flock, releases on PC today

The Flock, an online multiplayer horror survival game, releases on the PC today. The entire concept of this game is a bit odd and perhaps a little to ambious for some. In The Flock, the goal of the game is to stay alive as long as possible, as is the idea on any survival game. However there’s a twist and that’s anytime someone dies in the game, the entire online population for The Flock, which happens to be 215,358,979, goes down by that death. Obviously over time that number will continue to decrease until the last person either dies or manages to beat the game.

The game it’s self features  a hunt / hunter mechanics, meaning you’ll be able to play as both the hunter and the hunter if you manage to acquire a specific artifact. This artifact will then change you into a human, yet gives to the ability to kill other creatures in the game who are also after the artifact. Carrying the artifact is also how you accumulate points in the game, earn enough and you’ll win. Die, well then it’s not a good scenario for you.


But what happens when you do die? Well that’s it, game over man as Hudson would say. You’ll no loner be able to play and when that last soul is gone, the game will end… forever! It’s an interesting take on what is perhaps my favorite gaming genre, however at $16.99 for one go, I’m not convinced that I’ll be making this journey.

But what about you fellow gamers? Does this excite you? Will you partake in a once in a lifetime adventure, knowing that the wrong move will result in your perma-death?

The Flock is available on Steam right now, get your copy here. I’m curious to see how this game sells, how about you?

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