Nintendo Files Patent for Diskless System

Back in March, Nintendo revealed that they are working on their next console, “NX.” Since then, no information has been leaked about the system, except for confirmation that it would not be using an Android-based system.

Recently discovered by NeoGAFers, Nintendo’s filed patent was published recently and it revealed one big surprise. The purposed system has no disk drive.


As you can see, there is no optical drive (disk drive) but some things to note: there is the ability to add an external HDD and a memory card. Due to this, questions and rumors are swirling around; “Is Nintendo going back to cartridges? Will the system be all digital downloads? Will you be streaming the games?” It could be a combination of all 3 or we could be getting a N64-2! Or Nintendo could scrap the project any day now.

Time will tell what NX will be, but according to the late president, Satoru Iwata, we should hear more about it in 2016.

Source: Polygon

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