New Destiny Equipment on Instagram = Lame. Nolan North = Awesome

Last night, Destiny’s exotic merchant, Xur, took to Instagram to let us Guardians know that something was coming. We were excited, if but for a moment, that perhaps there was a nice little surprise on the way. But today, we find that Xur was only teasing more posts on Instagram. 


The latest post on the Destiny Instagram account gives us a look at an upcoming exotic Titan helm that will become available with The Taken King expansion. The Empyrean Bellicose, according to the post, will allow for Guardians to aim their weapon mid-air, freezing the player in place for a few seconds. It sounds like it could be one of those gimmicky perks, but then again, combining it with perks that cause increased damage when airborne, etc. may create a deadly load out.

Keep an eye on Instagram, as it is likely that Bungie could post more before the week is out. But fear not, Guardians. If pictures of new gear is not your idea of exciting, a short teaser trailer has been posted on Youtube today as well in anticipation of the Twitch stream to take place tomorrow. What’s more, we hear our first bits of Nolan North as the new Ghost voice.