Mortal Kombat X’s latest patch notes show some low-tier love

Mortal Kombat X‘s news scene has been rather grim as of late. Few balance changes have been made due to Evo Season’s need for stability; and the last piece of actual news Warner Brothers has given on MKX is that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have been cancelled. However, the situation seems to be looking up, as today, Netherrealm released notes for their upcoming patch, and it appears that many under-performing characters are being tended too. For example: Kotal Kahn, who currently only has one of three variations considered to be competitively viable (War God). Now, his Sun God variation is gaining a new special move which allows him to gain a level of “Sun God Power” which could previously only be built through landing his command throw, allowing him to power up his command throws or cash out his “SGP” for health or super meter with less effort – hopefully making the variation’s core mechanic easier to work with.

Kotal Kahn’s new move “Soul Spark”

Mileena, who is generally considered an online warrior character with high risk and moderate reward, is getting major buffs to her attack recovery in her Piercing variation, meaning that she does not have to worry about being punished every time one of her attacks are blocked. Similarly, Takeda has had dramatic reductions to recovery and startups on his attacks, hopefully giving him an edge over his current reputation as a slow attacker. 

These are only a few of the changes this patch will see, but it is certainly enough to show that even though the Kombat Pack is finished, and Evo is over, Netherrealm is continuing in-depth support for MKX and is still sensitive to player concerns and character struggles. Will these changes shake up the tiers? We can’t tell for now, but the initiative by Netherrealm to go these lengths is admirable.

The patch notes in question can be found here

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