Marvel Collector Corps August 2015 Box Review

It finally came! My August 2015 rendition of the Marvel Collector Corps box was dropped off last night and as promised I’m here to break it down and show you what’s included. This box is a change from the norm as well as the last two boxes were movie tie-ins, however this one will have to stand on it’s own merit, but can it?

Without spoiling too much, I can definitely say it can and does. And this box focuses on Marvels current comic series, Secret Wars, so this should appeal to a lot of comic book readers as well. 

But enough banter, let’s get into that box, shall we?


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What’s in the box?

While this is the third release of Marvel/Funko’s Collector Corps, I can safely state that it is easily one of the better ones. No, I’m completely serious and in fact here is why I’m saying this. While the first and second gave us exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyls that you can’t get anywhere and they were great, however this time around they gave us TWO exclusive figures. Yes, time around we have an exclusive Thor (Female) and Miles Morales, but you know him Spiderman from the ill-fated Ultimates universe.  There was other stuff included, so keep on reading to see what all was included.

The Vinyls

Yes, this is pretty much kick ass, though I would have also loved a Sam “Captain America” Wilson Funko. Maybe next time guys? However, I will note that I have not taken either figure out of the box as my last item, the exclusive Antman, was damaged and I never heard back from Marvel Collector Corps customer service. Some of the paint on the large figures face was fused to the plastic container and when I removed it, it came off. I really don’t want to take a chance of that happening here, but I suppose that’s the risk we take.



The Comic

There’s also a Marvel Secret Wars issue #1 variant cover in the box, with none other than Thor on the cover. I have to say that with all these collector versions coming with collector corps bundles, this can easily make anyone’s comic collection that more exclusive. Since I already have this issue, it’s a safe bet that I won’t be opening this and will be putting this into my comic vault for the foreseeable future. I’m just a collector folks, I do read these things and enjoy them weekly.

Still it’s pretty cool. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of this Thor at first, but after seeing how Marvel was handling the story and after the reveal of who she really is, I started liking it. Her story is actually decent, though like most things in comics I don’t see this status lasting for long, though I’m surprised it did last this long.


Patch and Pin

As with every Collector Corps, you get a set that includes a patch and a pin. This time the patch is of the Sam “Captain America” favor, while the pin is of Jerk Ironman… um, Superior Ironman. Yeah, as you can tell I wasn’t a fan of that version of Ironman, he was a complete $#@*! I really haven’t had any use for these patches or pins, though I figure at the end of the run, I’ll put the patches on a hoodie or jacket.


The T-Shirt

And of course, the t-shirt continues with Secret Wars theme and includes the characters that have been included in this months Collector Corps; Thor, Miles Morales, Sam Wilson and Jerk Ironman. However, they’re all depicted as if they were Pop! Vinyls, a nice touch. Sadly when it comes to T-shirts, I’m usually not a fan of them. Not that they aren’t cool but that there’s only one of them and my wife typically takes claim on all my t-shirts (Insert Sad Face Here). PS Funko, I still want that Sam “Captain America” Funko, so get on that.




Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, the Marvel Collector Corps August 2015 box, in all it’s glory. Definitely their best one yet, in part to not one but two exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyls. So far strength of this box has been great, especially when compared to their competitors. 

But I wonder what the October box will include and I have to say it’s going to be hard pressed to top this one, but I said that about the previous Marvel Collector Corps as well. And fans of collectibles, you may want to think about getting on board with Collector Corps. Yes it’s a bit more pricey, but guaranteed Pop! Vinyls every two months, plus other cool swag, it’s worth it.


Until next time, true believers!

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