Manga Review: SO CUTE IT HURTS!! Volume 2!

51jqBvAR8WLTitle: So Cute It Hurts!! Volume 2
Author: Go Ikeyamada
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 192
Genre: Shojo
Publication Date:
August 4th, 2015

Let me start this by saying that this was the best 192 pages of my life. So Cute It Hurts!! is just painfully adorable and has sexually charged plot twists all around! In this volume, both siblings get closer to their crushes while pretending to be someone else. They both realize the week is almost over so it’s time to make a move on their crushes before it’s too late! As a reader, it’s  hard to remember that this happens over the course of a week since it feels like so much has happened already. Volume 2 starts off where Volume 1 ended. We know that Megumi is falling for the dark and mysterious school bully and that Mitsuru is falling in love with a deaf girl.

Megumi’s kindness towards Sanada causes him to feel a certain way – and by a certain way I mean he has a realization that he might be gay. Sanada is allergic to girls and now has feelings for someone who he thinks is male. It’s hard enough for him that he has no friends and can’t touch the opposite sex, but now he thinks is gay and has no idea how to react. Likewise, Mitsuru goes to insane lengths to learn sign language so he may communicate with his crush, causing her to fall in love with him while he is dressed as Megumi. Furthermore, the twins get an even bigger shocker when they discover something on a group date.

Final Word:

I love this series so far. It’s both hilarious and adorable but also has insane plot twists that keep you hooked. I didn’t expect Volume 2 to go into the direction it did – I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. I haven’t felt this excited about reading a manga in quite a while. I’m just dying to know what will happen in Volume 3 because the ending of Volume 2 really knocks you off your feet.


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