Komomo Confiserie Vol. 1 Review

komomo-confiserie-vol-1-9781421581392_hrTitle: Komomo Confiserie Vol. 1
Author: Maki Minami
Publisher: VIZ Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Chapters: 5
Pages: 193
Genre: Shojo

Komomo Confiserie is a slice of life story that has an unusual pairing consisting of two main characters, one being a Tsundere, the other being a borderline Yandere. Seems like a match made in hell, but so far, it’s working pretty well!

The story takes place when Komomo is a six year old girl. She is the daughter of wealthy parents and is generally treated like a princess. There is a boy who resides in her estate named Natsu. He is the son of one of her servants and isn’t particularly good at making sweets, but Komomo enjoys them simply because Natsu makes them. In fact, all Komomo eats is nothing but sweets as she is highly addicted to them. One day, Natsu and his father leave to go to France in order to study the French style of pastry making. Before heading off, Natsu makes one more batch of sweets for Komomo and then sees her crying as she eats them.

We fast forward ten years and things have taken a turn for the worst with Komomo. Her family’s business has gone under and her parents send her off to live with a friend of the family. Komomo herself says that she want from Princess to Pauper almost overnight and is now forced to take on part-time jobs like the common folk. She can’t get the hang of any job she gets and usually ends up getting fired. One day she sees that an up-and-coming prodigy of the pastry world is set to return from France to Japan. That person just happens to be Natsu. Komomo is embarrassed and doesn’t want Natsu seeing her like this, but it’s too late as they run into each other.

Something is different about Natsu, though. He invites Komomo to work for him at his family’s pastry shop, but once she’s there, Natsu treats her harshly to the point where it breaks Komomo’s heart. She attempts to run away from it, but when she discovers that she has no family or friends that are willing to take her in, Natsu becomes her only option. Natsu says that ever since he saw Komomo cry when eating his sweets, that’s all he wants to do now, is find ways to make her cry.

Final Word

This is a pairing that, normally, wouldn’t work, but the author has found a way to make a Yandere and a Tsundere love story work. I know most people associate the Yandere personality with Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki, but Yandere is all about showing your affection through either pain, pyschotic nature, or emotional distress. Natsu is SORT OF a Yandere, but I wouldn’t go as far as to label him as a full Yandere, but there is definitely some sort of sadistic side to him that we haven’t seen fully blossom. Needless to say, all of his marbles appear to not be there since we last saw him ten years ago.

This series definitely has me hooked and I think if manga readers wish to have a different kind of love story with some out-there twists, then Komomo Confiserie is going to be the series for you. It takes slice of life romance to a much different level!

A copy of Komomo Confiserie was provided for review by VIZ Media.

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