Get ready for more Amiibo salt as Browser Jr. confirmed to be a Canada Toys R Us exclusive

Oh Nintendo, you never cease to amaze me when it comes to these things. If you haven’t heard of this recently, it seems to be that the upcoming Bowser Jr. amiibo has been confirmed to be a Canadian Toys R Us exclusive. Yep, and it releases on September 11, of all days. 

This really stinks as Bowser Jr. is one of my favorite Nintendo characters and this store exclusive stuff is really driving me crazy. I know I could likely import one but I don’t want it that bad, or do I?


Limited quantities, While Supplies Last, NO RAINCHEKCS!!!!!

Well, maybe I should take a step back, since the source is Canadian, it doesn’t mean that the US Toys R Us won’t have it, just that it’s confirmed for Canada at least. And if it is coming, which I highly believe, I won’t even attempt to hit up and of my local Toys R Us shops.

I can only imagine the line that will circle all Toys R Us buildings and the massive fallout that will occur, especially since most stores only get a handful of exclusive amiibos since Nintendo likes to create that false supply and demand.  Well, there you have it folks, the next amiibo is ready for ya, but is your body ready?

This won’t end well! But hey, let us know if you manage to snag one or two, I’ll buy one off you.

Source: Reddit/r/amiibo

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