Dance of Destruction trailer released for GRIP, up to 3000 backers to date

Caged Element, the team behind that GRIP,  the spiritual successor to Rollcage, has released a new trailer today for the title. Entitled “Dance of Destruction”, this looks like they were going for a Michael Bay-like trailer, with all the slow-motion, destruction, all of which are build up to the finale. Actually, it kinda reminded me of another ill-fated racer that had environment stage changes, Split Second (someone give us a successor to this as well).

Check it out below.

Wait, there’s more! They’ve also announced that the GRIP Kickstarter is up to 3000 backers and is sitting at $100,000 USD. It’s still a far cry from the $500,000 the title needs to be funded but there’s still 22 days to go and typically the way most Kickstarter campaigns have been as of late, the last few days will tell the story on if it will eventually be funded or not.

If funded, GRIP, will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with the Xbox One still up for consideration. So make sure you head on over to their Kickstarter page and toss some money at their direction, let’s get this title funded!

For more info on the title and why you should donate to the cause, be sure to check out TwitterFacebook and

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