CW’s The Flash Casts Wally West

Wally West is perhaps best known in the comic book world as being the first Kid Flash or the third person to take on the Flash mantle. Today, news has arrived of Keiynan Lonsdale, most recently seen as Uriah in the blockbuster, Insurgent (the second in the Divergent trilogy) has been cast in the role. 

While Wally has been Caucasian since his creation, but DC’s New 52 reboot brought the character back as half African American. Wally is also nephew to Iris West (played by Candice Patton in the show), but The Flash show has made no mention of Iris having a sibling, which means that Wally’s origin will probably be altered a bit (perhaps he’s nephew to Joe West and Iris’ cousin, instead?).

Lonsdale joins two other iterations of the Flash this coming Fall, with Grant Gustin playing Barry Allen, and Teddy Sears debuting as Jay Garrick.

SourceThe Flash Official Facebook