A cute and heart warming backstory of Kill La Kill’s silly side kick, Mako Mankanshoku

While Kill La Kill’s main story was all about heroine, Ryuko Matoi, and her quest to avenge the death of her father, there were a lot of interesting supporting characters throughout. And when you think about how many were involved in the story, one particular person comes to mind more often than not and that’s Ryuko’s silly, yet secret weapon, Mako Mankanshoku. She was simply amazing, she was goofy, she was strong and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the show would have gotten as much acclaim as it did without Mako.

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Sadly there isn’t much story on the would be heroine, well that was until now. Kill La Kill character designer, Sushio, has created a touching backstory for Mako via still form. While the story is more a long the lines of a series of images with no words, it does a damned good job conveying the story.  It starts out with the birth of Mako, to a pair of lovely parents (though you didn’t see this side of them in the anime), which progresses throughout the stages of her life, including the birth of her brother, to Mako finally start school at Honnouji Academy. It eventually closes the backstory gap and completes at the arrival of Ryuko Matoi, at the start of the Kill La Kill anime.

The art is published in Sushio’s Kill La Kill based artbook / doujinshi, KLKL (not sure which volume). Unfortunately, it seems that book is pretty hard to acquire, but I recommend you try if you’re into artbooks and all things Kill La Kill.

Be sure to check out the entire story over at Imgur. Thanks to Goboiano.com for pointing this out.


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