Comicave releases details on their Iron Man Super Alloy “Shotgun” Figure

Straight out of the blockbuster action film, Iron Man 3, the Mark 40 variant, also known by its moniker, “Shotgun,” is a hyper-velocity traveling suit and was one a new generation of Iron Man armored suits created by Tony Stark for the Iron Legion. The suit received its nickname, “Shotgun,” for the explosive sonic boom it creates when breaking the sound barrier in flight.

The Comicave Super Alloy 1/12 Scale Shotgun from Iron Man 3 is a fully articulated, 6 inch tall figurine with interchangeable accessories, and LED light features in the eyes and chest. A Hyper Velocity Traveling Suit, the Mark XL (40) is currently the fastest suit of the Iron Legion, and can reach speeds in excess of Mach 5. The Iron Man Mark XL “Shotgun” Super Alloy will retail for $140.00 and is available now from select online and brick and mortar retailers.

And for those who don’t know who Comicave is, they are the same company that made that massive Hulkbuster suit with the remote operated functions.  Yeah, this suit below:

The Iron Man Mark XL “Shotgun” is the first product in an exclusive new product distribution agreement with Singapore-based collectables design company and manufacturer, Comicave Studios. Bluefin plans to carry and distribute variety of premium Comicave Studios figures based on Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction beginning next year.

For more information on Comicave, be sure to check them out at Their website is impressive to say the least.