Brooklyn’s Next Level to Close in Feburary 2016

The New York City Fighting Game Community will have one less venue to play their favorite games in come February 2016.

Henry Cen, co-owner of Next Level Arcade in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, stated in a response on TwitLonger, that the location would be closing on February 26th, 2016, coinciding with the expiry date of the store’s lease, due to some disagreements about the future of Next Level as a business.

I want to explain myself and apologize to community over the uproar a few days ago, basically Next Level lease is coming to an end at Feb 29th, 2016 which I’m obligated to stay until then. My disagreement with my business partner was about my concerns for the future of Next Level and because of our differences regarding this issue, we’ve agreed that after the lease is over to go our separate ways. I still want to provide a new home for the community in the future and I hope that everyone can support Next Level in these last months before it’s closure.

Team Sp00ky’s Victor Fontanez first revealed the news during his broadcast of the Next Level Battle Circuit event, vocally displeased by the goings on between Cen and business partner Nick Chan. Fontanez stated that the final Next Level Battle Circuit will take place next Wednesday with a $500 pot bonus.

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