Bandai Namco Wii U Project Treasure Has a New Name?

Remember that free-to-play “Project Treasure” jawn that was announced earlier this year by Harada in a (not so) random Nintendo Direct, as well as in an English trailer in June?

Well, Kaz Harada’s pet Wii U project is making its way to Wii U under a new name, Lost Reavers.

According to translations by Siliconera, the main goal of this Wii U-exclusive Bandai Namco creation is to go around various parts of the world looking for treasures called ‘relics.’ Every stage has a unique design, whether they be crumbling ruins or more modern-like structures, and every character has a distinct playstyle. One of the characters can reportedly make use of the Multi-View Action System, which allows them to switch perspectives to get a better angle when taking shots.

Lost Reavers goes into Beta in Japan at a date to be announced later.

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