The Witcher 3’s Big Patch 1.07

This week The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will not be getting any new DLC but it will be getting a massive update patch!

The Witcher 3‘s Patch 1.07 looks to address multiple concerns and interest from the first couple of weeks of the game’s life span. A blog post from Community Lead, Marcin Momot, tells us that CD Projekt RED has gone all-hands-on-deck for this patch and thus will not be producing any free DLC for this week. We will be getting free DLC again next week and later this week we will be given the full Patch 1.07 details.

For now, the details we know about Patch 1.07 are very, very satisfying!

  • A new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt.
  • A player stash for storing items, available in various locations throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player’s map.
  • Crafting and alchemy components no longer add to the overall inventory weight.
  • Books are now placed in a dedicated tab in the Inventory and books that have already been read are properly grayed out.
  • Multiple sorting options are now available in the Inventory.
  • Alchemy formulas and crafting diagrams can be “pinned”, meaning all components and ingredients required to make them will be conveniently marked in the Shop panel.
  • Dozens of fixes for quest related issues, both major and minor.
  • A few performance enhancements, including the optimization of FX, scenes and general gameplay.
  • Various improvements to horse behavior.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s Patch 1.07 is set to release across all platforms later this week.


Source: Polygon, CD Projekt RED Blog

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