Turtle Beach Releases Third Wireless Headset for Xbox One; Stealth 420X Retailing for USD$150

The headset accessory pool is getting deeper, as Turtle Beach announced the release of the newest 100% Fully Wireless headset for Xbox One, the Ear Force Stealth 420X, out now.

The Stealth 420X boasts official Microsoft Licensing, independent game and chat audio, four different audio presets, 15 hours of continuous use, as well as compatibility with mobile devices, as well as mic monitoring, allowing you to hear yourself in the headset, so you can avoid shouting into the mic while you’re chatting.

The Stealth 420X also has voice prompts, indicating which audio preset you selected.

Juergen Stark, Turtle Beach CEO had this to say about the headset:

As the market leader, we continuously challenge ourselves to innovate and create new headsets with unique offerings for each segment of the gaming audience…our third fully wireless Xbox One headset, the Stealth 420X, delivers the perfect mix of best-in-class features and functionality from its Elite 800X and Stealth 500X siblings for a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience at a great price. And given the glowing reviews of the product, we’ve delivered another clear winner for our gaming fans.

Check out their unboxing video below, as well as some shots of the headset. The Stealth 420X for Xbox One and mobile devices is available now for $149.95.

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