Street Fighter V Beta is Live… or not.

That awesome title screen featured in the above image is basically the first thing all those Street Fighter fans and fighting game faithful will see when they boot up the much-anticipated Street Fighter V Beta that went live at 9PM (EST) yesterday. Unfortunately, for most of those players, that screen is all they’ve been able to see as of yet. 

To say that the first of the planned beta periods for Street Fighter V has gotten off to a rocky start is a bit of an understatement. Thousands of players joined in to stress test Capcom’s servers, and so far the results of that test have shown that they can’t handle the stress. Some players reported that they could get into the training mode style waiting lobby for a few minutes before being disconnected, while most couldn’t even log in. 

While it’s been a disappointing night for those chomping at the bit to throw down with Ryu and the gang, not all news is bad news. Capcom has offered some swift responses via Twitter, indicating that they are busy working out the kinks as I write this article. They also intend to extend the beta period to make up for lost time, which means there will be more Street Fighter to be had in the long run. 

Here’s hoping Capcom can get it together sooner rather than later, but from firsthand experience I can tell you – Street Fighter V  is worth the wait. 

2 Responses

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    Can I borrow some of that salt? Seriously though, this is classic. You knew the entire globe was going to be on this shit and didn’t prepare.

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    Carlos Abdu

    I did heard that some of the more “high profile” SF players like Maximillian and Desk where able to log in and enjoy the demo with no problems. And there are combo videos already coming out from a lot of those guys, basically free advertising.

    Just food for thought.