Remaster Review – Ranma 1/2 Box Set 6, Special Edition


On June 2nd, Viz Media released Ranma 1/2 Set 6 Special Edition. Like its predecessors, the bluray special edition packaging does not disappoint. It shares the same design as the previous sets, making it match perfectly in your collection. As I stated in my previous review, this set is probably going to be loved most by hardcore Ranma 1/2 fans since I do think the dvd release will serve the same purpose while leaving some extra cash in your pocket.


Similar to the previous releases in this collection, the artwork on the box is a mixture of matte and foil mediums, making the box very nice to display on your shelf. This box won’t get bent or crinkly easily like other cheaper, thinner slip cases used on other sets since it seems to be of a sturdy cardboard type stock. You also get a wonderful art card and a small paperback booklet that has matching foil details on the front cover.


bluray case, booklet, and art card included inside the Ranma 1/2 set 6 Special Edition.

Image Quality

As mentioned in my review of the previous set, Viz cleaned up a lot of the popcorn and white noise mess from the original release. I did notice that the image quality seems improved over set 5. The episodes look crisper than I recall from set 5 although the anime still shows its age. Certain shades of blue (moon and sky imagery) and other light shades of green are a little crackly on an HDTV. Tans and greys are surprisingly vivid and smooth looking – another improvement over set 5.

Sound Quality

Set 5 had sound issues – you really needed to turn your tv up to hear the sound. I don’t particularly remember having this issue with set 6. I kept my television at around 30 throughout different episodes on the discs. Like the rest of the collection the subtitles are best left for watching along with the Japanese. The subtitles simply don’t match the English, which might be a problem for those with poor hearing.

Overall Thoughts

I wish more were done to assist English viewers with understanding text that is drawn into the background like signs and labels that possibly lead into the next scenes. I think this remaster is a great chance for any fan of Ranma 1/2 to have something nice to display on a shelf. Of course, I also think you should watch every episode and thoroughly enjoy your new bluray set. This set does improve over the previous set with sound quality so I definitely think Viz Media is showing that they’re listening to reviewers.


I think this set is worth it for hardcore Ranma 1/2 fans. The slipcase is beautifully designed and the matching booklet and art card are nice to have. As for HD quality on a bluray disc? I can’t really speak to this since I don’t have the dvd counterpart to compare. If you’re looking to get into the series, you might be better off checking out Viz’s dvd release instead unless you think dvds will eventually become obsolete. On Amazon, there seems to only be a ten dollar price difference between the two versions so you may as well splurge and grab the special edition box set for the extra goodies.


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