PDP AG7 True Wireless Headset for Xbox One unboxing video

I know it’s late, sadly I ran into issues with uploading the video to Youtube, but it’s done now. Better late then never, right? As promised is one unboxing video of PDP’s AG7 (Afterglow) Wireless Headset for the Xbox One. 

Now before you ask what’s different between this one and their previous headset, the AG7 features a USB transceiver that is inserted into a USB port on the Xbox on instead on the controller and it greatly increases the quality and distance. On top of that PDP is claiming that this headset will give up to 16 hours of usage off of one charge. Oh and of course we’re see if this is compatible with the PC as well and we’ll let you know our findings.

Expect a review of the headset fairly soon, but until then enjoy the unboxing video.