Otakon 2015: Plenty to Love at Crunchyroll’s Summer Preview!

Crunchyroll gave Otakon  goers a delicious treat with their summer line-up preview! Many of the shows will be familiar to fans; however, some are streaming for the first time so now is your chance to catch up on fresh anime from Japan!

Pillow Boys – This show promises an interesting “sleeping side by side” experience. In this show, you are the main character. There are 13 different boys in the show. According to the panel, it is based off of an IOS game in which you walk in and lie on your side and get a massage. The purpose of this show is to give you a massage from the first person perspective, along with a ton of laughs and weirdness. It is definitely a weird show worth checking out.

Actually I Am – This is a cute show about a vampire who is friends with a human boy from her school. There is a catch; however, nobody can find out she is a vampire because then she’ll get kicked out of school! When she is out sick, her friend brings her homework over and finds her with cute little wings on her back. She’s so comfortable with him that she isn’t ashamed to show him her not-so-human traits. This leads to a lot of blushing and young love. For anyone looking for an easy-going anime that is incredibly cute, this is it.

Miss Monochrome The Animation: Season 2 – This is about an android who wants to be an idol in a market with increasing 909397c24e8b86f75ee1b08547778fbf1437526225_fullcompetition. If you like slice of life anime, this is a show that will overload you with laughs as you watch her interact with her co-workers at her day job.

Aoharu X Machinegun – This is a popular show about a girl who people think is a boy. She accidentally destroys a host club and she has to pay off her debt through survival games. This series has a lot of awkward situations that will bring a lot of laughs.

Gate – This is about an otaku who gets caught up in a military operation. A gate appears in Tokyo that pours out dragons and fantasy characters. The protagonist gets recruited to go into the gate to fight the monsters. The Crunchyroll panellists encourage anyone who decided to drop this show after the first two episodes to give it another shot since it addresses real issues such as language barriers and cultural differences.

Wakaba * Girl – This is a really cute show that you can probably show your parents. This is a slice of life show about wealthy high school girls who do cute things.

Ushio and Tora – This one received a great round of applause at the panel. In this, a middle school student named Ushio Aotsuki accidentally uncovers a monster in a cellar under his family’s temple. Ushio names the monster Tora and unleashes it to fight monsters that are now attracted to the temple. This anime is really wonderful with a good cast of characters that round out the show. This is one of the top recommendations by the Crunchyroll staff.

32f76b87f950d9fcfec4bc302fa11e3b1436040024_fullWooser – This is a two minute short about Wooser’s daily life. This is the only way to describe this show. Wooser is incredibly adorable and there is not much else to say. He is incredibly lazy and perverted so this promises to be a fun season to watch. I’ll be watching this one for sure!

My Wife is the Student Council President – One of the most talked about shows of the season, this one received a ton of applause. This is about a high school freshman running for student council president and loses to a girl. He then finds her in his apartment – apparently her parents agreed to marry them. She’s totally down for it but he isn’t so interested. 

To Love-Ru: 3rd Season – This is an enjoyable show about a guy with too many girls in his life.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – This is about a cute girl who is so happy she is infectious. If you like the original Gatchaman, you will love this new season. Crunchyroll didn’t show a preview since they didn’t want to spoil the show for anyone so definitely check this one out.

Monster Musame: Everyday Life With Monster Girls – This is a super funny show about a monster girl, Miia, who falls in love with a human teenager. When other monster girls appear, the hapless human boy finds himself involved with a bunch of undeniably sexy monster girls who all want him. Miia is super jealous but wants what is best for her darling. Since she is a monster, there are times when she accidentally hurts him while trying to be intimate so it’s absolutely funny to watch. 

Symphogear GX – You can skip to the 3rd season and you won’t regret it!  It’s very funny all around. Its emotional and highly original battle scenes, where the characters sing as they fight. In this season they have to face their largest and toughest foe yet – a group of mysterious warriors.

Non Non Biyori – It’s about four girls who go to this school where there is only one classroom because the town is so small. f24f103a10fd45daab2d4754d2e384b71437527434_fullThe show is fun and can be played in the background just to relax you when you want to fill the room with a little something. I found the preview hilariously funny and cute. Watching the characters across different ages interact with each other inside and outside of school is enjoyable. This season is a repeat of the first season so fans of the series will know what to expect.

Working!! Season 3 – This is something you should watch while you’re at work (just kidding!) or maybe just watch it on your lunch break. This show needs no introduction.

School-Live! – This one features a bunch of twists that are fun to watch. This anime is about a fun a girl seeking fun activities to do while two others watch over her because they are actually living in a world where they survived a zombie attack.


All of these shows are being simulcast now on Crunchyroll.com or will be very soon.

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