Otakon 2015: Naruto Shakes Up the Viz Media Industry Panel!

On Sunday, Viz Media made several announcements.

All of Naruto classic, subtitled and dubbed, can be watched on Neon Alley and if you want something more action packed you can watch  Naruto Shippuden on Neon Alley. Charlene Ingram of Viz Media also made a special announcement – a contest ending in August. Become a Hokage for a day at New York Comic Con 2015! The contest started in July and ends very soon! 07_02_Hokage4aDayWinners will get a fully paid trip for two to sold out New York Comic Con in October and they’ll get courted around in true Hokage style to all of the Naruto events at NYCC by Viz Media on October 10th, which happens to be Narutos birthday. You’ll also get to meet Masashi Kishimoto who is making is very first ever US appearance!  Sound pretty awesome? Upload your one minute video as soon as possible and get your friends to like it! If you already have a ticket for NYCC (like me) just get yourself ready to line up and meet Kishimoto because all Naruto fans are bound to come out of the woodwork for this event. They also announced Boruto: Naruto the Movie which will premier in several states in October.

Moving past all of the Naruto excitement, Viz discussed other shows receiving releases. Ranma 1/2‘s final set, set 7 is coming out on Bluray later this year. Charlene Ingram disclosed that the color call-outs on the sides of the box sets were a homage to the spines of the original mangas. This means that your special edition Ranma 1/2 sets will look especially nice next to your old manga collection.

The panel briefly mentioned that all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon including the specials and the last season will be released over the next two years. Sailor Moon classic and Sailor Moon Crystal are being dubbed at the same time. Charlene revealed that Viz is using different writers for the dub of Crystal to better fit the elegant feeling of the new show and it’s animation style. Those who watched the panel were treated to a trailer of the dub for Sailor Moon R.

Big announcements for Viz included:1c0075387ea74e72404d7073f0fe2aae1431363591_full

K: Missing Kings – Silver clansmen Kuroh Yatogami and Neko have been searching for their master, Yashiro Isana, the Silver King. This series has a cult following and many were pleased to hear this was going to stream on Neon Alley.

K: Return of Kings – The second season of K will be streaming on Neon Alley. Attendees of the panel were treated to a teaser trailer for the second season. K is so beautiful you could watch it without the sound on.

Death Note – For the very first time, all of Death Note is going to Blu-ray. All kinds of detailing you couldn’t see before will be bombarding your eyes when the new set comes out later this year.

One Punch Man – This one is about a man who follows his dreams and becomes so strong he can’t find an opponent because he beats everyone with one punch. Look for it this October!

After revealing these updates, the floor opened to questions from the audience. Those who stuck around after question time saw the new dub footage of Rei Hino singing in Sailor Moon!

Viz Media has a lot planned for the end of 2015! It will be a promising season. You can stream these shows from Neon Alley.




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