Otakon 2015: Announcements at the Official Sailor Moon Panel!

Viz Media made a variety of awe inspiring announcements at the official Sailor Moon Panel at Otakon 2015 on Saturday. We learned that Sailor Moon R part 2 will arrive in October and if you pre-order it at Right Stuf, you’ll get a 9 art card set with purchase! The cards are double-sided so on one side you have the Sailor Guardians; on the other side are the fashionable Dead Moon clan. IMG_5381

The special edition set will continue the same theme as the previous, the box will be chipboard with a pinkish design loaded with shimmer.

Viz also disclosed that there was an error in the production of Sailor Moon R part one – so if you open up your box set and do IMG_5383not see the Black Moon Clan on the inside of your set, you can call Viz to get that back wrap. Apparently this only affects a small amount of special edition Sailor Moon R part 1 sets so most people should be unaffected. Those who purchased the set at the Viz Media booth during Otakon were given the back wrap as a preventative measure. So if your back wrap has Sailor Moon on one side but nothing on the other, you should check out the Viz Media website or call 1-800-553-6937 Option 3 to get the proper back wrap with both sides.

Otakon 2015 was loaded with fun Sailor Moon activities. There was a survey in which con-goers could enter to win a variety of fantastic prizes including the Proplica wands and transformation brooch. There was also an event similar to Otakon 2014’s stamp rally. This year, moonies got to search for Sailor Pluto, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury in the Dealer’s Room. The rewards were pin buttons and a Sailor Moon lanyard – not nearly as awesome as the coin from last year but still enjoyable. This weekend was also the last chance to snag a convention exclusive Sailor Moon t-shirt that was described by Charlene Ingram as “like wearing a hug!”


Design for the 2015 convention exclusive Sailor Moon shirt.

Were you lucky enough to pick up one of these comfy and soft shirts before they sold out? Now they’re gone forever.

The voice actresses for the dub of the next season of Sailor Moon were also announced at the panel:

  • Professor Tomoe will be voiced by Keith Silverstein, who is also the voice of Mr. Tsukino!
  • Michiru Kaioh/ Sailor Neptune will be voiced by Lauren Landa.
  • Hotaru Tomoe/ Sailor Saturn will be voiced by Christine-Marie Cabanos.
  • Setsuna Meioh/ Sailor Pluto will be voiced by Veronica Taylor.

Finally, let’s not forget the confirmation that Viz Media will be dubbing the very last season of Sailor Moon, StarS, which never made it to the US with the original dub. They will be re-releasing all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon on dvd and blu-ray over the next two years along with the movies and the dub of Sailor Moon Crystal.