Look what just got dropped off today, PDP’s AG7 True Wireless Headset

It never fails, when I’m sleeping on a day off, which never happens a lot, someone always comes to my door to wake me up. This time around it was the Fedex carrier, with a package for me. A package for me I wonder, whatever could it be. I didn’t order anything, well nothing this big, so what could be inside I thought to myself.

No longer tired and now curious, I opened the box and to my surprise inside was a review sample of PDP’s AG7 True Wireless Headset for the Xbox One. 

Expect an unboxing later on today and a review on the headset sometime this weekend or early next week.


And if you’re wanting to get a pair of your own, you can head over to Amazon.com to pre-order your own for $99, however the headset won’t be available until August 31, 2015.

Stay tuned!