Ken will be in Street Fighter V but won’t be a shoto?

Doing the Street Fighter V panel at SDCC 2015, Capcom has announced that Ken Masters (may favorite SF character btw) will in fact make an appearance in Street Fighter 5. However it seems that he won’t be the same old Ken we’re used too. In fact it’s being reported that he is no longer a Shoto and plays differently. Come again? This is the same Ken that tried along side Ryu, how the hell is he not a shoto anymore?


Judging from the photo taken, he still has his flashy flame attacks and looks to be a bit older as well.  But doesn’t Street Fighter V take place before Street Fighter III? What gives?

*Update* Now that i’ve seen the video, he looks like a shoto to me. Not sure why people are saying he isn’t. And was that a flaming dive kick move?

More footage from @Maximilian


We’ll have to wait for more info obviously, but this is great to here that he is indeed in the game. Can’t have a Street Fighter and not have Ryu along side Ken, what madness would that be?



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