The Evil Within: Game of the Year Edition Leaks

Courtesy of NeoGAF, a listing on Amazon France has been exposed which seems to indicate that a Game of the Year edition of The Evil Within is on the way. Very little info is available at the moment, but if the listing is to be believed the release date will be September 18th and the price will be 39.99 Euros (Amazon France). That’s an estimated $44.00, although game pricing tends to be weird when it comes to Europe with companies often just substituting the Euro sign for the Dollar rather than actually translate the value. The subtitle implies that all subsequent DLC will be included; The Assignment, The Consequence, and The Executioner.


For those who missed it, The Evil Within was a new IP launched last year by survival-horror legend Shinji Mikami. Being that he was the man behind Resident Evil 4, there were a lot of expectations for this game. Upon release, it received a decent critical reception (75 on Metacritic for PS4). It had tight gameplay for survival-horror enthusiasts, but a bland story (were Resident Evil fans, myself included, expecting anything else).