Capcom VS SNK 2 still has one of the best soundtracks out there

When it comes to fighting game music, there’s no argument that Capcom is usually one of the first companies that you think about. Without a doubt, Capcom is single handily responsible for creating some memorable tunes that accompanied their games, especially when it comes to fighting games, though some would argue that Namco is.

That said there’s one particular fighting game soundtrack has been stuck in my head throughout the years and that is the soundtrack for Capcom VS SNK 2. Not only was that title one of more enjoyable titles in Capcom’s history (Where the hell is part 3?) but that soundtrack was so damned good. I still listen to this soundtrack to this day, the original tunes and the countless remixes and arranged tracks that were born thanks to the tracks I’ve listed below. 

Of course I put the best track first! Right? Who can hate on this track? This is True Love Makin’… c’mon, repeat after me!


We can only hope that the Street Fighter V soundtrack will be just as good or better. Which Capcom soundtrack is your favorite or one you listen to a lot?


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