Blizzard to announce upcoming World of Warcraft expansion during Gamescom


Looks like Blizzard has decided to go against their tradition of announcing a new World of Warcraft expansion via Blizzcon, as they’ve recently announced that the next expansion will be announced during Gamescom 2015.  I was really hoping for news about a new Diablo 3 expansion (yes I know about the 2.3 update), but I can understand why Blizzard wants to get a head start on this. 

The current state of WoW is pretty bad, so much even the most die-hard players have stopped playing and that’s saying something. The lack of interesting content, no additional 5-man dungeons for casuals and well…. the selfie stick? It’s not hard to see why this announcement is coming sooner than later and I for one, as a former World of Warcraft player since day 1 (I’ve been clean since 1/3/2015), hope to hell that this expansion is worth it. And has us taking it to the Burning Legion this time….. or even under the Maelstrom, anything interesting.

So sit tight, you’ll have your fill of Blizzard and World of Warcraft gamin news come August 6, 2015. And if you can’t be there, no worries as Blizzard will be streaming the announcement. Just check out their nice and fancy Gamescom 2015 page (yes, really) over at

And here’s a schedule for the stream, we just don’t know what exactly will be streamed however.


Alright Blizzard, you’ve peeked my interest, let’s see what you got! And it better be GOOD!


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