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Well, maybe not exactly, but that little snippit above can only mean one thing.. WORKING IS BACK!! Not with two exclamation points… not with two exclamation points and an apostrophe, but with THREE exclamation points! It’s time for the third season of everyone’s favorite comedy set in an anime ripoff of Denny’s… it’s time for Working!!!


General Overview
The misadventures of Popura and Takanashi continue in the third season where waiting on customers is the last thing you’ll see in this amazing comedy!

First Episode Impressions
The first episode gets us reacquainted with the cast rather nicely. Everyone gets their own separate introductions and it serves as a glorious reminder of just how great this show really is.

First and foremost, Inami is starting to get over her androphobia. or fear of men. She was able to serve two male customers their food without knocking their blocks off. It’s nice to see progress with the character, especially after Takanashi put in so much time and effort with (and suffered many beatings from) Inami.

The best moment of this show was when Kirio was walking through the woods and pulled out Otoo’s wife from the bushes and said “I found a housewife!” It’s a running gag since season one where the owner of the store is never around because he’s constantly looking for his wife who just wanders off aimlessly whenever she feels like it with zero regard for her surroundings. They realize who they found and brought her back to Wagnaria where they sealed the windows, doors, and any possible exits, preventing her escape. They know Otoo is returning and it would be nice if he was finally able to find his wife… yet, when they open the door.. somehow.. some way.. with zero chance of escape.. she disappeared!

Satou and Souma still have their witty banter back and forth and Souma continuously reminds Satou about his love for Yachiyo. Yamada is looking forward to Otoo’s return, like usual, as is the manager because he always brings her gifts…mainly food. Speaking of which, the manager is still eating everything in sight so that hasn’t changed either.

Takanashi gets his own little adventure when the young girl from last season, stops into the restaurant and Takanashi can’t let her go because she’s too small and cute. Popura feels slighted by this because she’s taking all of Takanashi’s attention away from herself and she misses it when Takanashi pats her on the head.

All in all a great reintroduction episode to the series and I cannot wait for more!

OP & ED Impressions


“NOW!!!GAMBLE” by Popura Taneshima (Kana Asumi), Mahiru Inami (Saki Fujita), Yachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura)
The ending is actually the show’s opening. We didn’t actually get an ending for the first episode. It’s performed by the voice artists and, art-wise, it is a remix of the first season’s opening. It captures the spirit of Working!!! perfectly, but I would have liked an actual band to perform the song.

Worth Watching?

YES – A thousand times yes! One of the best anime comedies I’ve seen in a long time!

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