Street Fighter V Systems Trailer and Screenshots released

Oh boy, it’s time…. it’s Street Fighter V time. Right around the corner from this years E3, the net is on fire with tons of Street Fighter V news and impressions. A new trailer has been released that shows off the Battle System along with new mechanics (V-Skill and V-Trigger), new screenshots and a release date of March 2016.


We don’t have the character roster yet, well not an official one but I’m pretty sure we’ll hear something on that during E3 2015. 

Street Fighter V releases during March 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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    Carlos Abdu

    Hmmm…from what I see:

    -Parries or at least a variation on focus parries. Though I’m not certain if this will be universal or a Ryu unique thing
    -V-Trigger gives Ryu more power and allows him to charge his fireballs. Maybe give him armor or priority.
    -Chun-Li has a leap attack/dive-kick style move that gives her awesome mobility to avoid projectiles but man it looks kinda unsafe. Reminds me of Kyo’s R.E.D Kick from KOF minus the massive damage and priority.
    -V-Trigger does exactly what everyone else stated with Chun – double damage and EX moves.
    -So now Charlie is NASH universally as opposed to just being his Japanese name. Kinda of ok with this, though I expect his close friends and allies to keep calling him Charlie or Charlie Nash (Interpol).
    – GENOCIDE CUT-TAH! Less Guile, More Rugal. Not sure how I feel about this.
    – This is weird to say, but that Daigo Ikeno Bison artwork does NOT do the new look any justice. Some more muted colors would be better.
    – Does V-Trigger make Bison faster?
    -Both Charlie and Bison have projectile counters and defense. Could be a story based reason around that.
    -AHHH YEAAAH! Alpha Counters are back!

    And that is my two cents. Hope I left you enough Nitro-san.