Roll Out With Transformers Devastation

Calling all Autobots!

With all the big news with E3 going on, The PlayStation Blog released details earlier this morning about a new Transformers game in the works. 

The game will be titled Transformers: Devastation made by Activision and PlatinumGames in an effort to create “an exhilarating action experience that focused uniquely on what draws so many people to Transformers: robots and vehicles.”


Transformers: Devastation promises to deliver a combat system that allows players to transform at any given time and also use the mode-change system to string together a myriad of lethal combos.

Players can choose from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and the big guy himself, Grimlock. Unfortunately there’s no confirmation of being able to play as the Decepticons (sorry Megatron fans!). 

As for the story, PlatinumGames team member Kenji Saito had this to add: 

“The game features an electrifying comic book-inspired story which races back and forth across the cosmos between Earth and Cybertron, drawing in a huge cast of fan-favorite characters for a battle to decide the fate of both worlds. And to top it all off, we’re working with legendary series voice actors like Frank Welker, Dan Gilvezan, and Peter Cullen to make sure this showdown between good and evil is truly personal.”

As you can see, Activision and PG are pulling out all the stops to develop a rich, action-packed Transformers game that’ll surpass its predecessors. The game is set to release this fall!

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