PSR- Claim Your Club Nintendo Rewards Now!

A public service reminder for everyone. Club  Nintendo shuts down in 3 days time on June 30, 2015.  So if you haven’t claim your rewards yet, DO IT NOW!

Redeem you last coins and claim your game rewards now at and say your goodbyes.

To think it has been 6 years since the creation of the rewards program. I was late in the game and missed out on most of the goodies, but hey, I got my Smash posters in my bedroom. Wish I had 10 more coins to get Smash for Wii, but I’ll settle with Golden Sun. Personally, I wish they had the Gold Nunchuck again. Who knows?  They probably bring  it back…someday. The coins, the goodies. Nintendo, if you’re reading this, bring more physical goods in your next rewards service.


Farewell Club Nintendo. It’s been a good run.

Share your good memories with the service in the comments below.

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