Pre-E3: 41 Details from the Fallout 4 Announcement Trailer

Last week we were treated to one of the greatest gaming spectacles of all time, the return of the Fallout series!  Fallout 4 has been officially announced and with a week to let things simmer down a bit, it is time to look at what the trailer gave us.

First things first, here is the announcement trailer we were treated to, if you haven’t seen it yet. (Or you just want to see it again.)

Now for some in-depth analysis:

  • We see the familiar “Please Stand By” screen but this time we are treated to the same artist as the Fallout 1 and 3 theme song (The Ink Spots) but it is their song titled, “It’s All Over But The Crying.”
  • We get the numerous pre-war shots that look to flesh out the past a lot more this time around. (Possibly a playable intro or stage of the game.)
  • The dog looks to no longer be a mut but a full-blooded German Shepard. (Possibly multiple dog breeds you can choose from.)
  • Ron Perlman is back as the radio news anchor for the trailer. He will most likely be the narrator again, as well.
  • At 0:47 we get a shot of the past with a Mister Handy serving breakfast, then a transition back to the future with the dog’s food bowl appearing in the future. The dog bowl not originating from the home is the first item that supports the theory that this home is like a base for the next lone wanderer.
  • At 0:58, the fuel canister down the hall is drawing a lot of attention. It is a newly designed item, possibly a usable item, ammo for a flame weapon, or an item for modding. (We will look at more indications of modding later on.)
  • At 1:04, it looks like the upgrade magazines are back. There looks to be one on the floor of the baby’s room.
  • The baby’s mobile looks to have a Repconn Rocket, from New Vegas, on it.
  • In the past, we see more rockets on the intact mobile and next to the crib are some Fallout novelty items, a red ball, a toy fire truck, and some building blocks.
  • In the past we also see a set of parents with their child and if you pay special attention to their clothes and the blanket the baby is wrapped in, we will see them again later in the trailer. Mom in a green blouse and brown pants, Dad in a white shirt, and baby wrapped up in a blanket with “Jangles the Moon Monkey” (from Fallout 3 and New Vegas) on it.
  • 1:19, we get our first look at the outside world of the new Wasteland. More hints of color adding a nice new touch of realism to the world, its no longer a sea of brown and grey.
  • 1:22, another glimpse into the past, with a boy running down the street. We can see a new-expanded assortment of pre-war vehicles and a vertibird flying over. If you look down the street, past the blue car on the left, you see a big green/grey object that looks very large and has a muzzle sticking out. We could be getting tanks for the first time in a Wasteland.
  • 1:28, people running up a hill to try and get into a vault. We see some old Power Armored guards in this shot, a cop crying outside the gate, and others banging on the fence trying to get in. Then the camera pans up and we get a look at the classic Vault-Tec billboard.
  • 1:30, “War, war never changes.”
  • After Ron Perlman’s famous line, Vault 111 is shown opening. Much more color added to this vault’s door as we assume this will be the new main vault.
  • From inside the vault, watching the door open; we see more color and the improved lighting effects for the new game. Another thing to note, we see a platform outside the vault that is most likely an elevator or leads to stairs or a ladder because as we see later on, the vault is up on a hill and you climb vertically down to the vault.
  • 1:35, the protagonist climbs out into the real world, giving us a new version of the famous Fallout scene.
  • Starting at 1:37, we get our first look around the post-apocalyptic Boston area starting with Bunker Hill and the town built around it.
  • The USS Constitution has been somehow moved on to some buildings. Huge jet engines are on both sides of the ancient boat and we see spot-lights functioning on the boat. So the boat has power, but does it have enough for it actually to fly? Could we ride that flying boat? (Note, there is a bank underneath the boat.)
  • Scollay Square has been reborn! The square looks to be part of the underbelly of the new metropolitan area with what is probably a bar/strip club called the “Memory Den” and a couple of camps possibly across the street. The whole area does look to have power as well, not much lighting, but power is there. Another thing to note, it is raining and there is a flash of lightning as the scene fades out. Looks like we are getting some weather effects in Fallout 4!
  • The main figure walking under street light in Scollay Square looks an awful lot like the mysterious stranger from Fallout 3- BUT, if you look closely, that guy has a robotic hand. Mysterious Stranger? Cyborg? Android?
  • We see a stubbier Brahmin walking in front of a power station with a complex built around it. In the background we can see fog/steam/smoke.
  • After we get a shot at the new-look Super Mutants and their camp, which includes that bus. At first glance the super mutants look like power-armored soldiers, but it looks like their armor is just bulkier this game.
  • We get a big view of the new metropolitan area of Post-War Boston; a new-look Protectron, a crane, some more cars, and a city that looks to be rebuilding very nicely with a lot of detail and some new skyscrapers. In the upper left you see a billboard that says “–Bay, — Center,” South Bay Shopping Center? Medical Center? Then up on the right, behind the crane, you see a building with a huge 4-leaf clover on it.
  • Following that shot is a view of a beached Submarine/Cargo Ship and a new town built on top of it. Crawling in the sands in front of it is what looks to be a new creature. It has 3-legs, looks like it can roll into a ball, but has features of a Mirelurk.
  • The following scene shows off the new lighting again and has the dog running under a highway overpass. In the back looks to be a decaying billboard for Red Rocket Gas.
  • Then we get a shot of what looks to be a crater, possibly where a bomb fell. We get a view of a much more frightening Deathclaw, bulkier, twisting horns, and bigger claws. You can see a playground and some heavily damaged buildings to the right, to the left you see a electrical tower that has been pushed back and is leaning down, and if you look at the ground that the Deathclaw is walking on it looks like it is rising back like a crater would. The hazy hue and barren trees add to the idea that this is a bomb site, or that could be a sandstorm.
  • Then we get a shot of a newly-designed/modified Vertibird landing among satellite arrays.
  • The next scene gives us terrific news: the Feral Ghouls in Fallout 4 look the they will wreck you! We see a lot of them in a supermarket and they are running very, very fast to attack you. They look to have some sort of clothing on, glowing eyes, more flesh on their bones, and they can send objects flying.
  • Following that information is a happy scene as we see that Fenway Park is alive and well! We can see the statue of Ted Williams is still standing, a guard is patrolling out front, and a citizen is attempting to enter the park. The park looks to be retrofitted with a huge citadel-like main door with a diamond symbol painted on it.
  • Then inside the park we see an Eye-bot flying through a market place built within. There are numerous shops in this market place, a place called Swatters, Diamond City Surplus, Power Noodles, and Chem-I-Care.
  • Still looking at the market place inside Fenway Park, we see a yellow sign next to Swatters as the camera is panning up. That small sign has an American flag with two guns on it. That sign reads “Commonwealth Weaponry.”
  • Next image shows the Paul Revere statue with a huge air-ship flying overhead and some lightning weather again. (Note, there is a “Now Leasing” banner on a building to the right. Maybe this area is the most civilized yet.)
  • Next, flying up in a vertibird, we see a Power-armored soldier, a Red Rocket Gas banner, a Fallon’s billboard, and a GNN billboard. GNN is most likely the new version of Fallout 3’s radio station GNR (Three Dog’s voice actor has already been confirmed as attached to the game sometime ago, he almost leaked Fallout 4 himself.)
  • The next scene gives us a pretty sunset overlooking the Massachusetts State House with a skyscraper and the large city in the back.
  • 2:06, now back to the plot shots again. We see in the future the dog running around the vault that the main character climbed out of. Then in the past we see some people that are waiting atop the closed vault 111 with some more armored guards and a doctor. (Note, there is a mysterious red valve that appears in the future but not the past.)
  • At 2:08 a bomb explodes in the past and we see the people waiting atop Vault 111 looking out in terror. The family in the middle of the shot is the same family from the house we saw at the beginning: Mom and Dad are wearing the came clothes and the baby is wrapped in the same blanket.
  • At 2:18 we are back in the future to see the dog sniffing around a Nuka-Cola machine walking to an open garage.
  • Within the garage we see a piece of Power Armor that is being built/repaired/modified with weapons and numerous collectibles in the background. (For a more in-depth analysis of this shot, look here.)
  • Then we get the big shot at the end. The dog runs out to the main character, the main character pets the dog with an arm that is wearing a Pip-boy (but doesn’t have the Pip-boy logo on it), we get a good look at the cloth the vault suit is made of, the camera zooms out to give us a shot at a light bulb attached to the Pip-boy and what looks like a modified weapon the character is holding, THEN THE MAIN CHARACTER TALKS! He says “Let’s go pal.” Fallout has never had a talking main character but they might be pulling a mass effect where your character is customizable and you have full dialogue options but they recorded voice for all of the options. This isn’t really a big deal, but there are a lot of questions surrounding the new voice feature; such as, was that Nolan North’s voice or Troy Baker’s?
  • “Fallout 4”

Source: Fallout 4, IGN, This YouTube Guy


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