Option Selects Removed; High Damage and Player Commitment a Priority in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has a lot of buzz behind it, with betas coming up for the game on PlayStation4 and Steam. Coming off the popular and extremely hype exhibitions at E3 2015, Eventhubs spoke with Peter “Combofiend” Rosas about the system mechanics behind Street Fighter V.

One of the major changes coming in the new iteration of the Street Fighter series is high damage outputs in order to keep players engaged and to tighten the skill gap between players:

“What we’re looking at for Street Fighter 5 is how to keep people engaged, so that they always feel like they’re in the game. With the higher damage, the person who isn’t technical, they can land a few hits and always be in the game, whereas in Street Fighter 4, the big issue is that the damage is really low, so if you cannot execute one frame links, then you’re kind of out of the game.”

– Peter “Combofiend” Rosas

In addition, Rosas told Eventhubs that a player who isn’t as skilled as the top tier players can benefit as long as he can do a few combos and press the right buttons at the right time in Street Fighter V.

When it comes to the now commonplace “Option Select,” Rosas had this to say:

“Yes, we want to remove option selects that were in Street Fighter 4. The idea with Street Fighter 5 is commit…Everything that you go for, you just have to believe in. You have to believe in what you’re doing.”

With the removal of FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel)s in Street Fighter V, it becomes all the more important to commit, which can be looked at as a good thing, especially for pace of play and even spectator engagement. Throws are also getting prioritized as crouch teching has been removed from the game in its entirety.

“Yes. We’re trying to give priority to throws, so when you input it, you don’t get kick and then throw, it just gives you a throw. If you’re crouching, you get a throw, basically, it’s you committing to that.”

Street Fighter V releases in Spring 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Pre-Order now for access to the SFV beta, coming first to PlayStation 4 on July 20th.

Source: Eventhubs

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      How does that not make sense? One of the biggest complaints about SF4 is that it wasn’t “noob” or “newbie” friendly. These changes are being made to allow for more people to get involved in the game. Keep in mind that this isn’t in arcades or on the xbox platform, so there goes a huge portion of gamers who played SF4. FADC’s while great, a lot of inexperienced people simply couldn’t get that down. It’s also going back to it’s (SF2) roots with removing the options.

      • Avatar
        Hanma Yujiro

        YOU make no goddamn sense to me… Why would it be ok to remove option selects?? You don’t even play fighting games NOOB, so hush.

      • Avatar
        Keith D. Mitchell

        Right…… You keep forgetting YOU aren’t the rest of the world. And the last time we did play fighting games, Tekken, btw…. I did pretty good, didn’t I?

      • Avatar
        Hanma Yujiro

        YOU keep forgetting that I AM THE WORLD. And you are good at TEKKEN, but when was the last time you played it or any fighter, especially on the reg?? Hell, when was the last time we played together?? It’s been YEARS!!!

        Back to my other point, who’s fault is it that SFV isn’t on the xbox platform?? Ain’t my fault capcom is cutting off a portion of their fanbase by putting it only on PS4 and PC. So now i have to not tell the truth of how stupid capcom is by poorly catering to noobs just so they can appeal to more people to make up for the portion (XBOX) they told to fuck off?? So, when i say it makes no goddamn sense (which it doesn’t), I’m buggin out??


      • Clinton Bowman
        Clinton Bowman

        You know why Street Fighter V is on PlayStation and PC? Sony’s fronting Capcom the development costs. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just business 101.

        Now, tightening the skill gap is always the best option, because you gain more players, and more players equals more money, which equates to Sony actually getting some kind of return on its investment.

        So yes, you’re buggin’ out, because you’re spewing bullshit that makes little to no sense, when the obvious answer is sitting right in front of you.

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        Hanma Yujiro

        First off, quit spewing your bogus points and know your facts. Sony isn’t fronting anything. Sony is PARTIALLY funding the development of sfv for ps4, hence why it’s going to pc. Otherwise, it would be exclusive to ps4. Capcom is still in charge of sfv and where sfv goes. Sony merely struck a deal with capcom to keep it off other consoles. They arent co developing nor publishing sfv. So business wise, it is somebody’s fault… Capcom’s.

        As far as option selecting goes, You’re never gonna tighten a skill gap in a fighting game without learning how to play the game. A noob will never close the gap on a good player unless they get good themselves, which involves lots of practice. Street fighter v is still fundamentally street fighter, which means making it easier will do didley squat in its appeal to people who don’t give a fuck about street fighter.

        When you know more than me about something, THEN you can debate me on it. Till then, KEEP STUDYING!!! BWAAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!