Meet Your New Spider-Man

Marvel Studios and Sony Studios announced their new Spider-Man who will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) where the Avengers, Guardians, Daredevil, etc. reside. The lucky actor is 19 year old Tom Holland. Despite bigger names like Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien being thrown around, Holland is at the perfect age to play a teenage Peter Parker.

Holland is perhaps best known for his theatre role of Billy Elliot. He will also be appearing in In the Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor in the MCU. 

Meanwhile, Jon Watts who may be just as unknown has been tapped to direct the Spider-Man movie slated for 2017. Watts’ most recent work was Cop Car featuring Kevin Bacon. Despite both actor and director being new names to most people, Marvel and Sony expressed their faith in the duo and is looking forward to the success of the character and upcoming film.

Source: Marvel

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